Conquering the Cold: Your Guide to Winterizing Your RV with Fiberglass Worx

January 2, 2024 by
Shahzad Sarwar

As the leaves change and crisp air rolls in, it's time for us adventurers to prepare for a different kind of journey: winterizing our beloved RVs. Whether you're a seasoned road warrior or a new nomad, winterizing your RV is crucial to protect your investment and ensure a smooth transition into spring. But don't worry, fellow travelers, Fiberglass Worx is here to guide you through the process!

Step 1: Drain the Drains, Literally

  • Freshwater: Turn off your water pump and drain all tanks, including faucets, shower, and toilet. Don't forget the hot water tank! Use a non-toxic antifreeze specifically designed for RV plumbing systems to prevent freezing and cracking.
  • Wastewater: Empty your black and gray water tanks completely. Consider professional cleaning for stubborn residues.

Step 2: Weatherproofing Warriors

  • Seal the Deal: Inspect all exterior seals and weather stripping around windows, doors, and hatches for cracks or tears. Apply fresh sealant where necessary to keep the elements at bay.
  • Roof Repair: Check your RV roof for leaks, cracks, or loose nails. Address any issues promptly to prevent water damage. Fiberglass Worx offers expert RV roof repair and maintenance to ensure your home on wheels stays cozy and dry.

Step 3: Plumbing Protection

  • Bye-Bye Pipes: Drain and disconnect any exposed exterior hoses and valves. Winterize them with RV antifreeze to prevent freezing and potential bursts.
  • Hot Water Hero: Drain and bypass your hot water heater if you're not using it during the winter. This prevents damage from freezing and extends its lifespan.

Step 4: Battery Banter

  • Power Down: Disconnect your RV batteries, clean the terminals, and store them in a cool, dry place with a trickle charger to maintain their health.
  • Solar Savvy: If you have solar panels, tilt them towards the sun for optimal winter charging. Disconnect and store any portable solar panels.

Bonus Tip:

  • Interior TLC: Give your RV a thorough cleaning and declutter before storing it. This prevents mildew growth and makes spring cleaning a breeze.

Remember: Winterizing your RV requires attention to detail, but with Fiberglass Worx by your side, the process can be smooth and stress-free. We offer a range of services, from roof repairs to detailing. Take the hassle out of winterizing and let Fiberglass Worx prepare your RV for a restful slumber, ready for its next adventure when spring arrives.

Stay safe, stay warm, and keep exploring!

This blog provides a general overview of RV winterization. The specific steps and materials may vary depending on your RV model and location. Always consult your RV owner's manual for detailed instructions and safety precautions.

Fiberglass Worx is a Denver- Commerce City based company specializing in RV maintenance, repair, and detailing. We offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure your RV is always ready for the next adventure. Visit our website for a free winterization consultation and service quote. 


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Shahzad Sarwar January 2, 2024
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